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Moroccan Mosaic Tile Table Tops

Moroccan Mosaic Tile Table Tops

Badia Design Inc. has the largest supply of Moroccan Mosaic Tile Tables in the United States with many different shapes and sizes; round, square, rectangular and oval tile tables.

Uses for Moroccan Mosaic Tile Table Tops
Our tile Moroccan Tile Tables can be used in many different locations in your home, office, hotel, swimming pool or deck.

All of our Moroccan Tile Tables are hand designed, hand painted and imported from Morocco to our 32,000 square foot warehouse located in North Hollywood, CA.

Badia Design Inc. has some of the highest and best quality Moroccan Furniture in the US. If you are looking for Moroccan Home Improvement Ideas to beautify your living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom or patio then Badia Design Inc. – is the place to visit, either our online store or our 32,000 square foot warehouse located in North Hollywood, CA.

Please visit to see a full list of our Moroccan Mosaic Tile Table Tops.


24 inches in Diameter Mosaic Tile Top Table

24 inches in diameter mosaic tile table top, iron base sold separately. Contact us for price and availability. Please visit us online at:


Rectangular Mosaic Tile Table

Table top size is 80″ X 40″, iron base sold separately. We can custom made to your need. We offer many sizes and design to choose from. Please visit us online:
Mosaic tile table


Moroccan Mosaic Table

Rectangular mosaic tile table top 80″ X 40″, iron base sold separately. We can custom made to your need.

Rectangular mosaic tables


Rectangular Mosaic Tile Table

Badia design, decorative Moroccan mosaic tables. Their live colors and patterns make them easy to fit indoor or outdoor. Add to them iron bases and chairs for dinning, bistro, coffee, and patio selection to fully enjoy the artistic and exotic mosaic ceramic table set. Our tables come in different sizes and shapes: mosaic square, round, rectangular, and half moon design. With colors that range from brown-beige, multicolored, green-blue, blue-white, burgundy-terracotta, all hand made with the same zellij, andalusian and alhambra techniques

The table you seen on the photo is 80″ W x 40″ L, we also have different design at 63″ W x 36″ L, 48″ W x 32″ L, 36″ W x 24″ L dimension. Table top and base are sell separately. We can custom make the table top for your needs.

80x40 Moroccan mosaic tile table

80×40 Moroccan mosaic tile table


Moroccan Backyard on DIY Extra Yardage

Badia Design Patio Furnitures and Decorations were featured on DIY Channel: EXTRA YARDAGE – Episode 113 -Produced by Nick Perlmuter, Film Garden Entertainment. Air on July 1, 2011.
Do-it-yourself moroccan garden

diy show moroccan fountain from Badia Design Inc.

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