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Moroccan Encaustic Cement Tile

Moroccan Encaustic Cement Tile

If you’re looking for unique and vibrant color tiles then you should take a look at our Moroccan Encaustic Cement Tile  from Badia Design Inc. They can be installed on floors in your kitchen, bathroom, patio, swimming pool area and just about any place in your home or office.

All of our Moroccan Encaustic Cement Tiles are hand designed, hand painted and imported from Morocco to our 32,000 square foot warehouse located in North Hollywood, CA.

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We also have many other different types of tile for you to view.

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Moroccan Mosaic Hand Painted Tiles

Moroccan Mosaic Hand Painted Tiles

Badia Design Inc. has the largest supply of Moroccan Mosaic Tiles in Southern California. We have bejmat, hand painted, cement, fez, mosaic and ceramic tiles that have many different Moroccan Home Improvement applications.

Our tiles can be installed to many different places in your home or office such as the floors in your dining room, kitchen or bathroom, kitchen backsplash, bathroom shower, patio or swimming pool. They also come in many different sizes, shapes and hand painted colors.

All of our tiles are handmade and hand painted by our skilled artisans in Morocco then imported to our 32,000 square foot warehouse located in North Hollywood, CA.

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Moroccan Backsplash Tile


Moroccan Hand Chiseled Tile

Moroccan Hand Chiseled Tile and the art of Moroccan mosaic tile making date back many centuries in the old city of Fez in Morocco. Handmade, hand-glazed and hand cut Moroccan tiles are crafted using traditional and regional organic clays and glaze pigments. Moroccan tiles are historic in nature, dating back many centuries ago from the famous Alhambra palaces and Granada in Spain to the luxurious homes in Fez Morocco. Moroccan hand chiseled tiles are rich in complex geometric patterns that reflect the beauty of the ancient art of geometry.

Our Moroccan handmade tiles are available in traditional designs and colors. Please contact us if you don’t see the color you are looking for, we have a great selection of Moroccan hand chiseled tiles, Moroccan zellij, and Moroccan mosaic tiles in our warehouse located in North Hollywood.

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Moroccan Hand Chiseled Tile

Moroccan Hand Chiseled Tile

Moroccan Hand Chiseled Tile

Moroccan Hand Chiseled Tile