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Moroccan Tile Designs | Badia Design Inc.

Moroccan Tile Designs from Badia Design Inc.

Our Moroccan Tile Designs are a combination of Moroccan Cement Tiles, Moroccan Border Tiles and Hand Painted Tiles. We have many different patterns, colors and combinations to select from.

For more information on our Moroccan Tile Designs please contact us by email, telephone or you can visit our website listed below:

Badia Design Inc.
5420 Vineland Ave.
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Tel: 818-762-0130

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Moroccan Pottery

We have huge selection of Moroccan Pottery. Please visit us online:
Moroccan pottery


Rectangular Mosaic Tile Table

Badia design, decorative Moroccan mosaic tables. Their live colors and patterns make them easy to fit indoor or outdoor. Add to them iron bases and chairs for dinning, bistro, coffee, and patio selection to fully enjoy the artistic and exotic mosaic ceramic table set. Our tables come in different sizes and shapes: mosaic square, round, rectangular, and half moon design. With colors that range from brown-beige, multicolored, green-blue, blue-white, burgundy-terracotta, all hand made with the same zellij, andalusian and alhambra techniques

The table you seen on the photo is 80″ W x 40″ L, we also have different design at 63″ W x 36″ L, 48″ W x 32″ L, 36″ W x 24″ L dimension. Table top and base are sell separately. We can custom make the table top for your needs.

80x40 Moroccan mosaic tile table

80×40 Moroccan mosaic tile table

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